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Certain aspects of being an emerging poet are inherently disadvantageous to those coming from skinny economic means. High-stakes literary contests and big-name magazines tend to have submission fees ranging from $15.00–$25.00–$35.00USD, if not higher in the cases of non-citizen or non-resident entry fees. Smaller journals and magazines frequently run fees of $3.00–$10.00USD. It’s fifty-fifty if one’s submission will be taken by a paying market, and then the recompense runs $10.00–$20.00 per poem or page, and good luck seeing that return any time sooner than six months after submission. If one were to submit, say, to three submission calls every month, it’s likely to run upward of $50.00USD at a conservative estimate.

This, of course, comes before network membership fees, conference fees and all the associated expenses like hotel and travel, and even subscriptions to and one-off purchases of lit mags—where it’s always recommended a writer be familiar with a publication before submitting there.

To those willing and able to help, I can’t begin to say how grateful I am. From the bottom of my heart and the first page of my notebook—Thank you!