Kevin, in front of his office bookshelf, poorly disguising how tall he really is (he’s foolishly tall).

I’m sharing this post as a point of interest. Kevin is a prof at my undergrad school who was hugely encouraging and kind and a hundred other things that really made my time at Acadia U so worthwhile. This is an interview he gave a few years ago—I was looking for his presence online because I’m going to a Medieval Lit talk tomorrow and it made me think of him. Earlier tonight I reached out to say hello, and he replied quickly, saying the keynote speaker is a mutual friend-of-a-friend. Kevin used to joke with us about how small the Med-Lit and Arth-Lit community was, but until this conversation I didn’t grasp how small he really meant.

Dr. Kevin Whetter teaches and researches medieval literature at Acadia University, Canada, and is the President of the North American Branch of the International Arthurian Society. In this post he considers the importance of the preservation of physical books; how the experience of reading is affected by the formats in which we read; and how […]

via Preservation, conservation, and the experience of reading — The Academic Book of the Future

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