*With an important caveat: works by black women from around the world is the week four theme. Black American women will feature during that week.
Look at all these bright beautiful covers (and don’t judge my bedroom floor pls)

Coming up this week are American women of colour from all over the US, including Native American women and women with cultural histories from all over the world. Because I have so many books and only four weeks, I’m also including white women who have strong ties to the cultures their families brought with them when they immigrated.

  2. Eloisa Amezcua’s FROM THE INSIDE QUIETLY
  3. Laura Da”s TRIBUTARIES
  4. Linda Hogan’s THE BOOK OF MEDICINES
  5. Luci Tapahonso’s BLUE HORSES RUSH IN
  6. Mayda Del Valle’s THE UNIVERSITY OF HIP-HOP
  7. Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s LUCKY FISH
  8. Gabrielle Calvocoressi’s THE LAST TIME I SAW AMELIA EARHART
  9. Barbara Jane Reyes’ INVOCATION TO DAUGHTERS
  11. Vanessa Angélica Villarreal’s BEAST MERIDIAN
  12. Fatimah Asghar’s IF THEY COME FOR US

The last three books I still need to get my hands on but I’m hopeful I’ll have them by the middle of the week. With Hurricane Florence well on its way here, I might get extra reading done if the university closes for dangerous weather conditions. At the same time I sincerely hope that everyone in Florence’s path has the resources, time, and ability to prepare and protect their homes, belongings, and loved ones.

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