Just because one monthly challenge is running doesn’t mean everything else comes to a halt!

Me, panicking: oh shit

Upcoming this week is also Andrew’s reading for No, It’s Just You and the formal launch of Scuppernong Editions. Andrew was one of the primary make-things-happen people for the first Greensboro Bound; he’s a really engaging and good-hearted guy.

At the very end of September, Monet Thomas’s #TheOChallenge comes due. I have 2.5 pieces of 1000 word fiction ready for it (mostly?) and I need to just submit one of them. Idk if I’ll actually post them here because they’re—by design—pretty raunchy. Maybe it’ll just get a NSFW warning and I’ll blush furiously in private. If you’re so inclined, leave a comment voting one way or the other! I appreciate the feedback.

And, in bad news housekeeping: I have to send my laptop away for repairs (estimated cost >$500) which is a little more than devastating bc I definitely do not have the pocket change to make that happen. If the precise quote comes back as $700+ I might look a little more long-term into just getting a new computer, especially if I can get any rebate through Apple Gives Back. If anyone wants to drop $10 my way I would appreciate it.

I’m still trying to figure out how to manoeuver the interregnum—today I rented an iPad and keyboard from the university library because I knew I couldn’t write any kind of sizeable update on my phone. It was a loveless labour and I definitely won’t repeat it, especially as I can short-term store all my new data + files via Dropbox and gdocs. The touch sensitivity on the screen was shot, so formatting anything was a nightmare. From here out I’m just going to work at a desktop or rent out a 24hr PC laptop to get anything accomplished. Yes, the OS on the iPad was more familiar, but the physical device is not an interface I enjoy.

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