That’s the name of the September reading challenge I’m participating in, and it’s just nine days from today. The challenge is a direct response to the Sealey Challenge, which has been taking place in August for several years now. Both are online—Twitter, specifically—and they’re all about amping up your regular reading consumption to the max. #Sealey wants you to read 31 books of any genre over the 31 days of August; #SeptWomenPoets has a gentle guideline of at least one book of poetry that’s new to you, written by a woman poet. I do nothing by half measures, so I’m aiming for 30 books in 30 days.

I’ve mentioned this to a few friends in my program and both of my tutorial profs, and so far everyone has promised to keep me in books. I’ll post quick notes up here so that everyone can keep me accountable. There will be a weekly roundup of what’s coming for the next week on Saturday morning, and a breakdown on Sunday night of what I read the previous week, a quick evaluation of how much I enjoyed it, and maybe a nod of how those books came to me. The first real Challenge post will happen on 31 August, and it will be a list of as many books as I know I’ll certainly be reading. I’ll cheat a little and add to it, so it can function as a master post, through the whole month. Let me know if you’re going to join the ranks! 

Regardless of what’s happening out in the world, I hope to complete a challenge every month for the upcoming academic year, be it a reading challenge or a writing challenge. Let me know if anything interesting crosses your radar! I will also be updating my twitter account constantly… consider yourself warned for the inundation.

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